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Featured Guitar: Wooden Wizard Guitars Custom Telecaster

A complete "from the ground up" custom Wooden Wizard Guitars Telecaster for Mr. Williams. Check back for more information and progress as this guitar nears completion.

The neck wood is approx 73 year old rock maple and came from a power plant's locker room bench when the locker room was rebuilt. The final veneer came from Rolls Royce and is part of the dashboard.

The body wood is 35 year old Alder and was given to Larry by Tex Rubinowitz, a local player here in VA. It sports a tobacco sunburst in lacquer. The Eagle was created by artist Chris Swanberg and is wood burned into the back of the body. The instrument has been contoured to fit the customer playing it both front and back. For hardware this guitar uses a stainless bridge plate with military bell brass saddles, a stainless neck plate as well as a stainless control plate and a custom wooden pick guard. Pickups of choice are a set of Joe Barden's.

Martin 0016 Acoustic - Repair Body Damage

This is a Martin 0016 that was dropped from the stage and hit the sound equipment on the way down. This damage repair project shows the wood of the damage area that will need to be replaced. These types of repairs can tend to be long term projects in efforts towards a clean and durable lasting outcome for the customer.

Fender Telecaster - Refinish

This Fender Telecaster will undergo a full refinish in Mary Kay White.

Precision Guitars WWG LP Style P90

This LP style beauty belongs to a client who ordered the initial guitar kit from Precision Guitars. Precision makes some incredible guitar kits at excellent values and craftsmanship. Combine this with the expertise in completing this kit, installing, finishing and finally a meticulous set up and you have an outstanding and amazing playing tool for almost any situation. P90's were chosen by the customer for a more traditional LP style sound. This guitar turned out beautifully and returned home with a very satisfied customer !! See last photo. He slept well that night.

Brian Moore Guitar Mural

This Brian Moore guitar is being stripped of its finish and will be refinished with a custom mural painting by the owner.

Fender 1962 Jazz Bass Reissue - Defret to fretless

This Fender 1962 Jazz Bass Reissue is undergoing a fretless conversion. Fret slots are filled using thin strips of naple, sized and sanded smooth and finally oiled and set up. Jazz basses are excellent candidates for fretless conversions !

Gibson Hummingbird - Bridge Replacement and Refinish

The first picture is of the bridge. It was drawn on AutoCad and cut to the shape you see on a CNC mill. It was shaped by hand and installed after the top was refinished. It is made from Brazilian Rosewood. The second picture is of the guitar itself. The top was refinished after all cracks were repaired and Some of the inside bracing needed gluing. The end pin was also replaced. When the bridge was replaced, a new saddle was crafted from buffalo bone and installed. The pick guard has been replaced with a hummingbird copy and finally the guitar was re-strung and set up.

Wooden Wizard Guitars - Custom 5 String Bass

This custom 5 string bass started with a Warmoth Jazz body in swamp ash and will undergo reshaping, a custom bridge, routing for 3 JBE pickups with a 5-way blade switch (wired master volume, master tone and blend) and a finished All Parts 5-string maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and added abalone inlays. All hardware was custom built for this bass including the bridge and jack cup. An ivory nut and Hipshot tuners round off this beautiful bass. More from Larry about the switching and electronics:

"When the switch is in bridge position (1) the bridge PUP is on and neck can be blended in. In position (2) the bridge and middle are on and neck can be blended in yielding all three PUPs at once. In position (3) the middle is on by itself. In position (4) you get the middle and neck PUPs and can blend the bridge PUP in (again for all three PUPs on). In position (5) you get the neck and the ability to blend in the bridge. This gives nine distinct sounds with variations depending how you blend the PUPs together."

Guild 1973 Acoustic Bridge Replacement

This 1973 Guild acoustic guitar has received a new replacement bridge entirely crafted by Larry at Wooden Wizard Guitars.

Larry states: "I drew the bridge in AutoCad. John cut it on his small mill. I the separated it from the rough stock, then rough out the basic contours, glue it on, cut the saddle slot and finish it to the final size. After applying the bridge the set up will be done. Photos show the original bridge, after it has been milled and how it must be separated from the rough stock."

Warmoth 4 to 5 String Bass Conversion

This Warmoth 4 string bass body with a 4 string MightyMite neck has been converted to a narrow width 5 string. The only modifications were to drill a new tuner hole in the neck headstock, replace and slot a nut for 5 strings, and replace the 4 string bridge with a Hipshot 5 string conversion bridge.

Tele Bridge Conversion for Bigsby

This is a Tele bridge after it was modified for string slots allowing a Bigsby Tremolo to be installed on a Squire Telecaster.

50's Hofner Neck Reset

This is a mid to late 50s Hofner six string hollow body. The neck had to be reset in order to be playable. Several have played it and responded that it plays like a dream ! Other photos show the inside of the heel and the clamp holding the neck to the body.

1897 Mandolin Repair

These are pictures of an 1897 mandolin owned by the customer's grandfather and has been in their family since the late 1890's. Once this is handed down to the owner's son, it will have been in the family for 4 generations. In these pictures the staves were glued together and held in place with tape while the glue dried. The binding channels were also cleaned and prepared for new binding. A new bridge was crafted and a touch up on the finish was performed prior to being ready for play.

Gibson early 50's L-7 Jack Repair

This early 1950's Gibson L-7 underwent a repair to a damaged jack. The first photo shows the patch that was placed inside the guitar, while the second is of the wood being replaced from the outside. The next two are photos after the guitar was touched up, and finally front and back views.

Wooden Wizard Guitars - Lefty 5 String Bass

A current build of a left handed 5-string bass for a customer featuring an All Parts 5 string maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and a custom built body. The body top is from Asia and dates back to the early 60's and the body core is mahogany. Pickups will be Kent Armstrong soap bars and run entirely passive.

1954 Epiphone - Repair and Refinish

This 1954 Epiphone guitar had cracks in its top repaired and a full refinish. A new pickguard was created in-shop and a full setup performed.

Knutsen 1926 Harp Mandolin - Rebuild and Repair

Pictured here is a Knutsen HM4 Harp Mandolin built between 1910-1913 (24 exist) undergoing a full rebuild and repair. This instrument features an ivory bridge, bone nut, and douglas fir neck with a mahogany fretboard. Currently the neck has been removed and repairs done to cracks in the head stock. A new faceplate veneer has also been added (African Mahogany).

Fender 2000 Tele - Truss Rod Nut Replacement

This 2000 Tele is in for repairing and replacing a truss rod nut and headstock respray.

Gibson 1973 EB3L - Repair and Refinish

This 1973 Gibson EB3 Long Scale bass has a new truss rod fitted, new headstock overlay, and a complete refinish and setup. The refinish will be in a cherry red.

Wooden Wizard Guitars - Kirar

This Kirar instrument is being custom designed and built from the ground up by Wooden Wizard. It will feature a mahogany body and active pickups.

Warmoth Tele - Ghost Piezo Installation

This Warmoth Tele guitar is undergoing a Ghost Piezo pickup installation for an additional electric acoustic style tone.

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