• Completely satisfied doesn't even begin to communicate the degree of gratitude and awe I have felt after Larry has once again, transformed my bass guitar with his precise and meticulous work. -- Mark Foster

  • Larry takes a true interest in you the player and the guitar. This attention to detail leaves you with a instrument set up with your personal preferences in mind and not just set to standard specifications. As the owner of a backline company and also having my own personal instruments, this ability is particularly important to me. -- John Burgess

  • Larry has helped to keep all of my guitars in top playing condition. A tough task for a steady gigging musician. His attention to detail makes my job easier knowing I am getting the best guitar care in the area. -- Vinny Roth

  • I am so thrilled to have finally found someone who not only gets what you are talking about, but can add his knowledge to a project to achieve over-the-top results...Do yourself and your guitars a favor. Get your instruments to Larry pronto. You will not be sorry you did, I guarantee it! -- Tim Smyser

  • Larry has transformed my '91 Les Paul Standard and '06 Mexican Strat into truly inspiring instruments. Every note from the nut to fret 22 now rings out clear and true. Plus they are far more comfortable to play now- thanks Larry! -- Dave Rouck

  • Every time I go to get one of my guitars fixed, re-fretted, set-up, or whatever, I leave with a big smile on my face. My guitar is working perfectly and is intonated all the way up the neck. He is the only guy that has ever set my guitars up to my satisfaction. I hope that he lives to the ripe old age of 1 year after I'm dead, because I wont take my guitars anywhere else....ever. -- Eric Weinberg

  • I'm writing to express my sincere thanks to Larry Smoak for the quick and quality work he did on my Larrivee OM 10. I brought Larry my favorite guitar because it was beginning to develop a crack due to improper humidification. Larry was extremely helpful, patient and informative and did a super job first repairing the crack and then buffing out the repair area -- Eric James.

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